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Man burned badly when a propane tank on his bbq exploded | Arizona Gas Explosion Lawyer

September 10, 2009

Arizona Man burned badly when a propane tank on his bbq exploded.

A man in Gilbert, AZ was badly burned by a propane gas tank explosion last Friday. The tank was attached to his barbeque grill that blew over in a bad storm the night before.

He was cleaning up his grill when he noticed the propane hose leaking. He bent down to examine the hose and somehow the gas ignited.

The explosion burned his arms, neck, and face. He was taken by helicopter to the burn unit at Maricopa Medical Center.

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Couple burned in Bay Shore gas explosion | New York propane lawyer

August 20, 2009

Couple badly burned in Bay Shore gas explosion.

A couple was badly burned after their malfunctioning propane stove exploded last around 9 p.m. Thursday in Suffolk County, New York.

Their son was in the basement and said “I thought it was an earthquake.” He said he felt like he was in a “war scene. Like Iraq.” He also said his parents were “not doing well” and had severe burns.

The victim’s names are Rosa and William O’Neill and they are being treated at Stony Brook University Hospital.

The blast was apparently caused by a propane tank and was so powerful that it detached an exterior garage wall and threw the refrigerator into the back yard.

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Nash County fire & gas leak| North Carolina gas explosion lawyer

August 13, 2009

Nash Co. residential fire and gas leak.

A woman was seriously injured with third-degree burns on Monday in Nash County, NC, just south of Rocky Mount on Route 97.

The fire apparently started from a leak in a liquid propane line.

Neighbors say they heard an explosion just before the home caught fire.

Gas leaks can often be identified by their smell which can be described as rotten eggs. Sometimes the odor is mistaken for a septic tank odor. If you smell this you should leave immediately and call the fire department.

Man burned in home explosion | Kansas gas explosion lawyer

August 11, 2009

Man burned in home explosion.

Terry Reynolds of North Newton, Kansas in Harvey County was severely burned because of a propane gas explosion at his home last Thursday.

He was trying to light a pilot light on a water heater when propane that likely came from a leak ignited. THe explosion destroyed the north side of his house and blew the house of its foundation.

Reynolds was burned over half his body and drove himself to city hall to get help. He was taken to the burn unit of Via Christi Medical Center St. Francis Campus.

It is important that you make sure any area in your home with a propane gas pilot light is well ventilated. Propane is heavier than air and will sit in the room.

Grill explosion nearly torches home | Florida Gas Explosion Lawyer

August 4, 2009

Grill explosion nearly torches home.

An exploding propane tank interrupted a family’s Sunday dinner in Golden Gate Estates, Florida. The family had only been eating for five minutes when their house caught fire.

Their neighbor heard a big bang and then saw a ball of fire that was almost as tall as the house.

The father had used the grill to cook dinner and had turned off the grill, but somehow the tank ignited.

Much of the house was badly burned but fortunately nothing inside the house was affected at all. Luckily, the family did not leave the garage door open as they usually do when grilling.

Officials suspect that the hose that connected the grill to the propane tank may have dry-rotted.

You should always check the hose each time you fill your propane tank. A new hose only costs about ten dollars.

Also it is not a good idea to keep a propane gas grill near your house in case the tank does explode.

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Man badly burned in propane explosion | Washington Gas Explosion Lawyer

August 3, 2009

Man badly burned in senior center propane explosion.

An propane gas tank explosion and subsequent fire at a senior center in Cle Elum, Washington has left one man badly burned.

Last Saturday night at a fundraising event, a propane tank being used to cook food for the event exploded and caused a second tank to explode which set fire to the building.

The fire began as a grease fire that burned through the gas hose.

The man that was cooking was badly burned and airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Relatives say he has second and third degree burns over 40% of his body and will be in the hospital for several weeks.

The building that burned was a fairly new facility that had many community events, housed the local Meals on Wheels program as well as many other important senior activities. It is a big loss for a small town.

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Three Injured in moving-van blast | California gas explosion lawyer

July 23, 2009

Three Injured in Moving Van blast.

A couple was sitting in a Penske moving-van when it suddenly exploded. The blast happened last Sunday in McCloud, California.

Edward and Susan Lujan, who were both sitting in the van, were both injured. Also injured in the explosion was their neighbor Michelle Michaelsen, who was sitting on her porch.

The explosion was so strong that it knocked the Lujan’s home off the foundation and collapsed several walls inside the house. The blast could be felt and heard more than a mile away, according to the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department.

As of Tuesday Susan was still in Mercy Medical Center in Mount Shasta, CA. THe other two were treated and released.

It is suspected that propane tanks inside the van caused the explosion but tests are still being done.

It is a miracle that the Lujan’s were not killed in the explosion that destroyed the van and threw the contents for hundreds of feet.

Kennel blast killed Martha Stewart’s dog | Propane Gas Explosion Lawyer

July 15, 2009

Fire marshal: Kennel blast that killed Martha Stewart’s dog an accident .

A Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshall has determined that a propane gas explosion that killed Martha Stewart’s dog while it was at a kennel was an accident.

The explosion happened March 6 at Pazzazz Pet Boarding kennel in Franklin Township, Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Seventeen dogs were killed.

The fire marshall believes that a propane gas delivery-man released a large amount of propane gas during a delivery and the gas was ignited by a pilot light in a direct vent wall mounted propane heater.

The delivery-man was severely burned during the fire.

House Explosion And Fire Kills Two | Propane Gas Explosion Lawyer

July 15, 2009

House Explosion And Fire Kills Two.

A series of explosions early Monday morning in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania killed an elderly couple and reduced their home to a pile of rubble.  The house next door was also destroyed, and several other homes and cars were damaged by the blast.

Somehow the couple’s son managed to escape the house before it collapsed and was treated and released from the hospital.

The blasts shook the entire neighborhood and woke up many of the neighbors who tried to help but were unable to do much besides watch the flames.

There was no natural gas to the home but there were propane tanks inside so it seems likely that the cause of the blast was a propane gas tank explosion.

The couple’s death is tragic.  They were well liked in the neighborhood and lived quietly and enjoyed gardening.

House Fire Sparked By Propane Tank Explosion? | Gas Explosion Lawyer

July 13, 2009

RostPolraver House Fire May Have Been Sparked By Propane Tank Explosion

Investigators are unsure as to what caused a fire that destroyed a house in Rostraver Township near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last Friday.

The prime suspect is a Blue Rhino propane tank attached to a gas grill. The family did not use the grill on Friday, but preliminary reports said there was an explosion of some sort.

The potential for leaky valves led The Consumer Product Safety Commision to recall about 4,700 Blue Rhino brand propane tanks in August 2000

These cylinders can have missing or damaged internal seals in the cylinder valves. Propane can leak, posing a risk of fire, explosion and burn injuries.

By the time the fire fighters arrived the house was completely engulfed in flames and the second floor had collapsed.